If i had a time machine

Would I travel back in time? Or would I travel forward?

If i had a time machine

What If I had a Time Machine? If I had a time machine I would change many things from the past If I had a time machine I would erase all bad systems from the society I would re-frame the education system of our country I would eliminate violence from our world I would make a peaceful world that everybody loves to be in What If I had a Time Machine?

Everybody loves to have control in their hands and what if it really was. I would implement all my dreams so that I can change the entire course of history.

I would bring in new ideas that leads to beautiful and very finely rewritten present. There are a lot of things that we can change in the society and I would do it all if I had a time machine. An unproven concept still amazing to imagine — Time Machine can take us either to the past or to the future.

This gave a thought to me for a while — What if I had a time machine?

If I had a time machine

My friends and I were discussing on this topic and we came with so many interesting and funny ideas. While, we were on a debate what to choose — past or future most of us opted the past.

Yes, going to the future might be a bit risky since we never know how the world would be after any particular time. But, at the same time, choosing to go to the past at least is more or less a known path.

Since we know the past, we can go to the time period we wish to be in.

If i had a time machine

We discussed on what changes we can make if we had a Time Machine and we were able to make a journey to Roughly years journey is what we decided to make if we had a Time Machine and we came out with plans like: Re-framing past in such a way that we have useful and effective social reforms Changing the course of Science and Technology towards a pollution free environment Banishing armed forces, weapons and such other violence from the world Eradicating the systems of the society which leads to extremely different set of people — Very rich people and beggars.

We will design the past in such a way that people live prosperously Our ideas were accumulating and we decided to make the changes if possible in the present and become a great visionary of the same.If I had a time machine And if life was a movie scene I'd rewind and I'd tell me run We were never meant to be So if I had a time machine I'd go back and I'd tell me run, run I got your letters I got your words I stacked them high and lit them all and let them burn Your broken sorrys don't mean a thing.

Aug 26,  · On a time machine: it backslides when we don't do well, reliving the past insanity. "Man that is born of woman is of few days and full of trouble." "This one thing I do, forgetting what is behind to go on," to know the Lord.

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Yes sir, you could do a lot of fun stuff with a Time Machine–and now, with the recent experiments in Switzerland, time travel is a distinct possibility. If you had a time machine, what could you do with it? The possibilities are endless – especially if we assume that if we ever manage to create technology as sophisticated as a time machine, we’ll also have a work-around for language differences and ways to keep from .

So if I invent my time machine today and I wait 30 years and go back to the past, the farthest back in the past I can go to is today when I turned my time machine on.

Like you can travel back in time or to the future anytime you want then come back to our time. Would you rather go to the pet anytime or the future The past so I can stop myself from the biggest mistakes I’ve made.

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